ANOMALY ALERT: Multiple Lens Microlensing in MB-97-41

First posted: 2-July-1997
Last update: 28-July-1997

The PLANET collaboration has detected an anomaly in the on-going microlensing event MB-97-41 (MACHO 97-BLG-41). After a rapid decline from a sharp peak near JD - 2450449.0 = 170, the source star exhibited a gradual increase of a few percent above its previous post-peak quiescent level. As of JD - 2450449.0 = 190, the event was still above its previous quiescent level and rising slowly. At day JD - 2450449.0 = 199 the rate of increase is much steeper. At day JD - 2450449.0 = 202 we may have passed a caustic crossing, and another caustic crossing is expected in the coming days (days 204-206). This caustic crossing appears to have occured during the indicated period; the source star is now declining in brightness.

Event:                MB-97-41
RA (J2000):         17:56:20.7
Dec (J2000):       -28:47:42

Additional observations, both photometric and spectrographic are encouraged. Finding charts with PLANET-selected reference stars and updated information for this event can be found on this PLANET web site.

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