Events being followed by PLANET: updated PJD= 9003.9 (Jun 3.4)


PLANET aims to provide the astronomical community with frequently updated information about ongoing microlensing events in the form of light curve plots and data tables. All data provided on this page are based on preliminary (sub-optimal) reductions and subject to change without notice at any time as a consequence of altering the choice of template frame and reference stars, which includes a change in the selection of frames for which a photometric magnitude could have been determined. The reported magnitudes are not calibrated. Our data are meant to be used for illustrative purposes only with the aim to serve as an aid to all observers. While the provided data are indicative, they are unsuitable to support any claim without further confirmation. If you are interested in using our data for analysis, do not hesitate to contact us. Limited human resources and technical failures might cause delays to the dissemination, and any kind of erratic behaviour may occur, although every effort is made towards minimizing this.

The presented data are based on most recent observations at the PLANET telescope network, μFUN data, and RoboNet Data collected by OGLE, MOA have been retrieved from their webpages (OGLE data, MOA data, ) and are displayed with kind permission from these collaborations.

Dates refer to HJD-2450000, and the plots show the source magnitude shift, i.e. the (modelled) background flux has been subtracted from the observed data.

The different observing sites are indicated by letters and colours as in the site/color table

Since it would cause a problem for properly displaying our own data, those collected by the follow-up campaign μFUN are only shown in exceptional cases, while data from the surveys OGLE and MOA which in general provide a coverage of the events outside the observing window of PLANET or μFUN are usually included in the plots.

Anomalous Events

Name RA
Ibase A(t) A0 t0 tE t1/2 Data Files Finder and raw lightcurves
19.50 1.12 1110.00 8988.9 (May 19.4) 270.00 270.00 A-I

Ordinary Events

Name RA
Ibase A(t) A0 t0 tE t1/2 Data Files Finder and raw lightcurves
26.70 4.15 4.55 8904.5 (Feb 25.0) 2.90 2.90  

Finished Events

Name RA
Ibase A(t) A0 t0 tE t1/2 Data Files Finder and raw lightcurves
15.96 3.70 10.20 8889.4 (Feb 9.9) 3.20 3.20  

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